Northlight's DMX Mini recorder / player will accept 1 DMX512 universe input and merge it with a recorded scene into 1 DMX512 output universe.
No complicated setup, basically the board is plug and play.
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The main use for the MR8 is in small rooms, Churches or gathering places where simple intuitive control of DMX lighting is needed.
The MiniRecorder can be used with a stage lighting console or stand alone.
Stays connected and powered on(if needed) permanently.

Use when non technical personnel need to control room lighting with an easy to understand controller.
However, when a more sophisticated controller is needed for other activities, it can be used without the hassle of switching wires and controllers.

Record and play back 8 scenes.
There are 4 scene buttons to select a scene that can be merged with DMX output from a lighting controller.
There are 2 modes of operation.
1. Merge incoming DMX with recorded scenes on highest takes precedence.
2. Incoming DMX will take precedence over recorded scene.

  • Slide pot scene master control to set scene level, works just like standard wall dimmer.
  • Records 8 "scenes" of 512 channels from DMX input for playback.
  • Any DMX source can be used to record 8 scenes.
  • Does not respond to RDM.
  • Low power receiver, equals 1/8 unit load to the DMX date line.
  • Limited slew rate drivers, reduces need for terminators.

    Any DMX512 source to record scenes from.

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    Mini Recorder in Aluminum enclosure .
  • Desktop or handheld aluminum enclosure.
  • This is complete, plug and play, no additional parts needed, power supply included.
  • OLED display menu, easy to setup.
  • Records 8 scenes of 512 channels.
  • Includes slimline switching wall mount power supply.

    Download the manual in PDF format.

  • Uses quality Neutrik xlr connectors Handheld enclosure
    $149.00 - MR8E - Aluminum enclosure .

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    $12.00 USA
    $35.00 CANADA
    $49.50 Worldwide

    Neutrik XLR's on aluminum panel
  • DMX in and thru - both XLR's are connected, male and female
  • 1.50" X 2.75".
  • Includes quality Neutrik 5 pin XLR connectors.
  • durable powder coat finish on Aluminum panel.
  • screw terminals on PCB backplane.
  • machined aluminum panel.
  • comes complete, just like in the picture.

    Download the quick start guide in PDF format.

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    $30.00 - XLR2 - dual XLR panel

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    $49.50 Worldwide

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