0-10 VDC analog Encoders with DMX512 merge.
Northlight's Encoders will accept 8 channels of 0-10 VDC while receiving a DMX512 data stream from another source.
The 0-10VDC is combined with incoming DMX to create single DMX output.
No complicated setup, basically the board is plug and play. Easy to use screw terminals.
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  • The Northlight Systems ENCM8 board is capable of receiving DMX512A and legacy versions.
  • The encoders will convert 8, 0 - 10 VDC, analog inputs into DMX512.
  • Analog inputs of 0 - 5 VDC is available on request.
  • The Start Address is used to determine the position of the analog voltage in the DMX output data stream. This way the analog input can be used to control any DMX channel.
  • Jumper setting to hold the last valid DMX input or have the output go to zero on DMX loss.
  • Receives all 512 DMX channels.
  • Will output all received DMX512 channels with no changes.
  • Will not respond to RDM.
  • Merge boards can be used as a DMX "fixer". Output is rock steady with timing appropriate for older receivers, also strips RDM data.

  • Address switch options
    There is 1 option shown on right.
    Select a switch type when ordering.
    Mini DIP Switch
    The Mini DIP switch is mounted on the circuit board.
    Use this when infrequent address changes are needed.
    panel mounted switch

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    Basic 8 channel DMX512 Encoder without Merge function.
  • Converts 0-10 VDC input into DMX512 output.
  • Slew rate limited driver.
  • Size, only 1.50" X 2.50".
  • Input and out on screw connectors, no soldering.
  • Requires 7 - 12 volts DC @ 60mA, to power board.

  • $65.00 - ENC08

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    $7.00 USA
    $35.00 CANADA
    $49.50 Worldwide

    Photo actual size on most monitors
    Download the 8 channel Encoder manual in PDF format.

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    8 channel DMX512 Encoder with Merge function.
  • Combine DMX and analog input into 1 output.
  • Size, 1.50" X 2.75".
  • Input and out on screw connectors, no soldering.
  • Requires 8 - 12 volts DC @ 100mA, to power board.

  • $95.00 - ENCM08
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    $7.00 USA
    $35.00 CANADA
    $49.50 Worldwide

    Combine analog 0-10VDC and DMX512

    Download the 8 channel Encoder with merge manual in PDF format.

    2 Neutrik XLR's on aluminum panel
  • 1.50" X 2.75".
  • Includes quality Neutrik 5 pin XLR connectors.
  • durable powder coat finish.
  • screw terminals on PCB backplane
  • machined aluminum panel
  • comes complete, just like in the picture.

    Download the quick start guide in PDF format.

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    $35.00 - XLR2 - dual XLR panel

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    $7.00 USA
    $35.00 CANADA
    $49.50 Worldwide

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