Stage Lighting products that use DMX512 digital protocol are ubiquitous these days.
At Northlight we recognize a need for quality DMX512 interface products at an affordable price. There are many situations where a "fully packaged" product is not wanted. We provide DMX512 solutions, ready to install in your equipment.

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DMX to 0-10 VDC specifically for "current sink" type LED and Fluorescent lamp drivers.

Northlight uses high quality components in all our products.
All circuit boards us screw terminal for input and output connections. Saving money on customer supplied connectors and easing installation.
We don't use cheap pin headers requiring customer supplied connectors and soldering.

Our DMX512 receiver chips represent 1/8 unit load to DMX line.
Receivers are ESD protected and have "fail safe" circuit.
Transmitter are slew rate limited design, ESD protected.

Our relay boards use quality OMROM relays and real Phoenix contact screw terminals.

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DMX mini recorder with merge and playback.
Enclosure 4.75" Long X 4.10" wide X 2.10" high
  • Control room lighting and merge with stage lighting console.
  • Merge recorded scene with incoming DMX on HTP or override.
  • Master fader
  • Records 8 "scenes".
  • Oled display , current scene, for DMX level and Start Address
  • Power supply included
  • Complete, ready to use, not a kit.
  • front view
    Projector dowser in Aluminium enclosure.
    Enclosure 4.75" Long X 4.10" wide X 2.10" high
  • Powder coated aluminium flag 8.25" long X 4" wide
  • Oled display for DMX level and Start Address
  • Power supply included
  • Complete, ready to use, not a kit.
  • front view
    2 - DMX512 inputs are merged into 1 - DMX512 output.
    3 Modes of operation:
  • Merge on a highest takes precedence
  • Merge with input override input 1
  • Backup mode
  • DMX merge/combiner

    DMX512 to 1,3,4 and SPDT Relays.
    Relay contacts for normally open and normally closed.
    Screw terminals on all board connections.
    DMX to 4 Relay DMX to 4 Relay
    DMX512 to Pulse width modulation.
    Receives DMX512 or 0-10 VDC outputs 4 or 8 channels PWM.
    Fast 4 Khz pulse rate on 4 channel board, Dim LED's or control DC motors.
    Fast PWM.
    DMX512 to RC Servo controller.
    Converts DMX512 or PC serial port to 1-2Ms pulse for RC(hobby) servo's.
    Decodes a block of 8 channels, with the starting channel set by the address switches.
    8 pulse widths to choose from.
    RC servo controller, PC serial or DMX.
    DMX 512 decoder.
    Converts DMX512 to 0-10 volt output.
    Decodes a block of channels, with the starting channel set by the address switches.
    Will source or sink 0-10VDC.
    Great for LED drivers or Fluorescent fixtures that require current sink control.
    Reliable and more features. Fast and Small.
    0- 10 VDC to DMX512 Encoder with DMX merge.
    Converts 0 - 10 Volts DC to DMX512 output.
    The 0-10 VDC input is combined with incoming DMX512 to create a single DMX output.
    DMX encoder - 8 channel
    Enclosures and Power supplies.
    Plastic and Aluminum enclosures and XLR connectors
    Switching and wall mount power supplies.

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